Friday, May 28, 2010

A day in the life of a farmer's wife

Today was a typical "farmer's wife" day.

Get up
make breakfast for 4 y.o.
do dishes
put in a load of laundry
Sit down to edit current WIP
Call from husband - soybean wagon needed so they can fill up the bean drill & planter
On way to field, auger bolt shears off and the whole auger falls to the ground (while I'm driving)
Husband and two co-farmers come to where I'm parked in the middle of a gravel road, disconnect auger, take it home to weld it, (luckily I had my netbook computer and was able to edit the WIP for a little while!), reattach everything and we get to the field
While filling the planter, I notice the top of the auger is about to come off. End up reattaching it twice.
Go home (2 miles), fix lunch for kids, self, and husband
Bring husband his lunch and drive home
Lay down with 4 y.o. and read her a book
Knock on the door-- grrr --- (husband is the financial secretary for a local cemetary) Guy who mows the grass at cemetery would like to be paid
Drive back to field to get husband
Lay down with daughter --- fall asleep!
Just as I'm waking up, husband calls - needs me to come get him again because they need to move to another field
Get home and sat down to look at some photos a relative of the person I'm writing the biography about had sent me - VERY COOL!!!
Realize I need to make supper for guys in the field
Make supper - two calves are in the yard - help the kids lead them (haha) back to the pasture
Take supper and 4 y.o. out to the field for a "picnic"
Get home, put laundry in dryer, put dishes away
Sit down to work on WIP..... but it's only 7:30pm ... a lot could happen before bedtime!

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