Monday, July 25, 2011

3rd Annual Oakdale Farms Writer's Retreat

Here's the group of generous, funny, kind, smart, talented ...children's authors who came for the 3rd Annual Oakdale Farms Writer's Retreat.  The picture was taken at a local cafe.

I think everyone had a good time and I think they were able to get some productive writing in.  I'm always concerned about: are they too hot, too cold, is there enough food that everyone will like, do I have too many "rules of the  house," are their beds too hard, too soft, etc. etc. etc.  Then after they leave, I think, "Oh, we should have played board games or talked more, or we should have done this or that."

There weren't any new calves born while they were here this year.  There were, however, tons of tadpoles and minnows in the pond for some side entertainment.

One highlight for me was the surprise launch party for author Wendy Henrichs' debut book: I am Tama, Lucky Cat.  Wendy is one of the kindest, warm, loving people I know - and she gives awesome critiques for my manuscripts!
We all crowded into Pilcrow Place (my writing cabin) and showered Wendy with gifts, a gorgeous cake, and our heartfelt support.  She would be the first to suggest a launch party for any of the rest of us, so it was nice to be able to do this for her!

I think everyone had a chance to write in the cabin if they wanted to.  It still smells a little like varnish from the last bookshelf my husband made, but hopefully, it didn't bother them too much.  It was nice having an air conditioner out there since we are in the middle of a heat wave!

Here's a little side entertainment after dinner on Saturday night.  It was going to be, "How many children's authors fit in a phone booth?" but since it was so hot, we opted for just trying to fit everyone in the picture!  (Last year a kind, local police officer who just happened to be walking by took the picture.)  There are 13 women in the picture if you can find them all!

It was especially nice that my purse was still on the park bench after I realized I'd forgotten it there!  (Thanks Judith for turning around and getting us back there quickly!)

It's a little sad that everyone is gone and I'm here writing alone.  Wondering how I can manage two retreats in one year!  It's also sad that I can't have more women here for the retreats... but I only have so many beds.

The sign on the mailbox even looked sad when I took it down.

Well, now I have the 4th Annual Oakdale Farms Writer's Retreat to look forward to!  Perhaps I will be more relaxed for that one.... you think?

P.S. Hopefully one of the other ladies will blog about the retreat.  They always give a better recap than I do!


Wendy Henrichs said...

Oooooh, Patricia!!! I miss you and all the retreaters already! Great to relive the moments in your cabin (and in the phone booth! hee hee!).

Thank you for the wonderful book launch party! I am a lucky cat! :)


Patricia said...

It's not that you are lucky... you are talented, and you have perseverance!

I'm so happy your book is out with many more to come.


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I get to go to the retreat and the vast majority of you don't.

I got going on my WIP in earnest. Had an epiphany, got a plot complication going and also ate m&ms. WIN-WIN, BABY.


Patricia said...

Lisha, Does this mean you will stow me away in your luggage so I can go to the SCBWI conference in CA?! (I'll bring the left over M&M's.)

I'm glad you were able to come and that you are moving forward with your WIP.

See you next year!