Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Farm and Writing

Here's husband, 17 y.o. and 3 y.o. hauling corn from the bin to the barn. It was COOOOOLD. Although the snow is gone here, I think the high was 16 degrees. I like having the four seasons, I just wish winter were shorter :o)

I found out the the magazine I wanted to send a manuscript is closing. The one I originally wanted to send it to, Brio and Beyond, was discontinued by Focus on the Family but has been taken over by someone else (as have Breakaway and Brio). The new magazine will only be online - not in print. I may still send it to them.

I sent another article to Highlights for Children yesterday. The research spread out over the last year. My two critique partners encouraged me to rewrite it for a picture book or easy reader. Highlights for Children buys "all rights" so (if they buy the article) I would have to change it completely for a picture book. I hope to start it tomorrow. Today was taken up with homeschooling and other things.

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