Monday, March 30, 2009


Calving season has been going hot and heavy. We had twin calves one day. There were two calves this morning. One day, we had four calves. (Well, the cows had the calves!)

None of the heifers (we consider a heifer a cow that either hasn't had a calf before or who's had only one.) They are in a separate field so husband can put them in a shed and help them get the calf out.

We've had nice green grass for a week or so. Then, this past weekend, we had crazy weather: snow, sleet, rain, ice pellets, etc. Sometimes all at once. It's all but gone now.

I saw four pheasants along the road when I drove 17 y.o. to Kansas City on Friday. Also saw, turkeys, deer, several cranes (the bird type), a muskrat, a yellow bird (oriole?), buzzards, etc. I love spring!

Easter is less than two weeks away! Jesus was the sacrificial lamb who takes away sins once and for ALL (who ask Him to be the Lord and Savior of their lives). Through Him, we have an advocate with the Father.

I listened to several good sermons and talk shows on the way to and from Kansas City. One woman talked of the Bible verse, "if you have the faith of a mustard seed...", and that she had prayed but her 4 y.o. daughter still died of cancer. The host of the show pointed out that the "faith preachers" say that the Bible mandates God do what we pray for. However, (as the host pointed out) - they don't take into consideration Jesus' own experience/words. In the garden of Gethsemane, when Jesus knew in just a short time he would be crucified, he cried out to God, "if it be Your will let this cup pass from me." But, and this is an important exception, Jesus said, "But not my will, by thine be done." In other words, yes, we are to ask and pray for what is in our hearts. However, God's will may be for that person to be in heaven with Him or in other circumstances, for your prayer to be answered differently than you've asked.

Make sure your faith is in God and not in your own faith.

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