Monday, November 3, 2008

10 Important Issues to Me

Here are 10 issues I felt were important in making my decisions for this election. (Even though this is long, this is my condensed version.) They are not in a particular order.

1) National Security: (FYI - I spent 5 years in Air Force intelligence from 1983-1988 and I come from a long line of military family members - and one of my brothers is currently serving in the navy over in the middle east.) I want someone who believes in keeping the country secure. I don't want someone who will change American ways to conform to other countries' ideals or values. This is the United States of America, not the European Union, UAE, etc. That being said, I believe we need to work with our Allies and also help those who can't help themselves (like we did for WWI, WWII, Iraq, etc.). And for the record, this summer 550 metric tons of yellowcake were sent to Canada from Iraq; in 2004, Polish soldiers found 500 sarin and mustard gas laced missiles in an Iraqi warehouse (yes, they were old, but it shows that Hussein lied (again) about having gotten rid of such weapons); Hussein had human shredders and other torture devices for his own people and don't forget that tens of thousands of Kurds and Iranians were poisoned with gas bombs and napalm. Even though the US and our allies had incorrect intelligence at the beginning of this war, the people of Iraq are thankful to be out from under the tyranny of Hussein. I know our ally, Israel, is watching closely who wins the presidency. By the way, during my five years in the Air Force, there were many times I had to brief the base commander on daily intelligence. What you see/hear in the news is just a small portion of the truth and the whole story.

2) Abortion: Have you seen the picture of 21-week-old Samuel Armas? He was having surgery (in utero) for spina bifida and a photographer took a picture when Samuel's hand flopped out during surgery. He wasn't a bunch of cells or just a fetus - he was a human being. Women say they have a right to choose what to do with their bodies - but they are taking away the rights of the unborn. The democratic candidate voted 4 times in the Illinois State Senate to deny medical care to infants if they are born alive after an abortion (I read the transcripts from the Illinois Senate.) He also believes any abortion at any time is acceptable. I also abhor the fact that my tax dollars fund abortions.
One fact not thought of often by most people - 40+ MILLION children aborted since 1973 aren't paying taxes to pay for social security or any other government programs! Perhaps Social Security wouldn't be in the bind it is today if those children hadn't been murdered.

3) Family: I believe in traditional marriage. There are already ways for unmarried people to have legal contracts with each other for any number of reasons.

4) Stem cell research: Adult stem cells and umbilical cord blood are the only ones that have had proven success. Using embryonic stem cells has not worked and involves having to kill a human life first.

5) Economy & Environment: I want America to be able to utilize our own resources for energy. I have seen pictures of oil rigs in Los Angeles, California. The footprint is very small these days - and they've covered them to look like buildings. We should be able to drill off our own shores for these resources. Wind, solar, clean burning coal, ethanol, fuel efficient cars, etc - ALL are important to our economy and the environment.
I do not believe all the hype about global warming. Where was all the pollution after the ice age when everything melted? It's called cyclical climate change. Have gases and pollution possibly contributed? Most likely - but the main cause is cyclical.
The legislative branch of our government (House of Representatives and the Senate) has been under the majority rule of the Democrats for the last two years. I think we have all seen economic and moral decline during that time. Is it completely their fault - of course not, but they have contributed significantly to the problems. Historically, the decline started at the end of President Clinton's term of office. When stocks were very high, all the financial advisers warned that it wouldn't sustain that level forever; that there would be a "check" at one point or another. It happened and everyone seems surprised about it.

6) Health care: I have a friend in Sweden. 60% of their paychecks goes to taxes. They have socialized medicine. In Canada, England and other countries with "publicly funded" or socialized medicine, you have to wait your turn for procedures. Many Canadians come to America to have surgeries performed so that they don't have to wait, in some cases, years for a surgery. As farmers, my husband and I have no employer funded health care. Is it expensive, yes. Do I want the government deciding where I get my health care, NO.

7) "Share" the wealth - It is only sharing if you give it voluntarily. If the government takes your hard-earned money, it's not sharing - it's socialism. This country has thrived on free-enterprise and entrepreneurialism. Taxes should be fair and equal - one group should not pay a huge amount more than another group. If you only want to tax the rich, there won't be any incentive for new business.

8) Border security: Why should illegal aliens get free health care, college benefits, etc? I think the border patrol should be able to protect our borders - and be given the tools to do so. My Thai sister-in-law had to wait for her passport, visa and green card in order to legally live and work in the U.S. - all "visitors" should go through the same process. If they are found to be here illegally, they should be deported - with no amnesty.

9) Gun control: America has always allowed private citizens to own guns and protect themselves. Do I want machine guns and the like? No, I don't think they are necessary. However, criminals are not going to get their guns legally in the first place so if you take them away from one group, it won't matter to the criminals. There are times a gun is needed on a farm - if a cow is dying and needs to be put down (personally, we call the vet to give the cow a shot) or when a wild animal is trying to kill the livestock, etc.

10) Schools: I believe people should have the freedom to choose which school to send their child to and I don't believe the homosexual agenda needs to be "taught" in school. Children as young as Kindergarten are being indoctrinated into the homosexual agenda without notification to the parents to be able to "opt out" for their children. In our small county school, teachers were told not to discipline "same-sex" couples on the school grounds for public displays of affection, but the heterosexual "couples" could not kiss, hold hands or hug. (Mind you, I don't think ANY of the kids need to be showing PDA at school - but especially not one group over another.)

Those are just 10 of the issues I considered when choosing my candidates. Other issues are: judicial appointments (I don't think judges should change the laws, but ENFORCE the ones on the books - it's not their job to change the laws, but that is what they are doing.), housing issues, "don't ask, don't tell" in the military, jobs, trade with other countries, etc.

1 Timothy 2:1-2 I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone— for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.

Remember, you will be required to give an answer to God for all you've done here on earth during your life.


quietspirit said...

I saw your email on TWV2. I agree with what you say here as your reasons for the way you voted.

I like your choice of scripture for the end of this entry. We have to pray for whomever wins this election.


Patricia said...


Thank you for your comment. Yes, I agree we have to pray for whomever wins. I started watching the voting tonight on, but I decided to wait until later tonight or tomorrow to find out the final results. I don't like when they "call" a state for one side or the other with 0 percent of the votes counted. They are calling it based on the exit polls.

Keep praying!