Saturday, December 20, 2008


We got to Kansas City and back safely. I delayed our departure by three hours to give the road crews time to clear the roads and they were fine. The worst part was from my driveway and the first two miles. After that, it was clear.

My husband and 3 y.o. went out while I was gone and they scraped the driveway with the tractor and loader bucket. I almost called to see if I should park at the grain bin - but I was pleasantly surprised to see gravel on the driveway instead of sheet ice.

I am blessed.


barri1 said...

I'm not sure blessed would be the right word.. I'm inclined to say.. WHAT A GUY.. I also have the feeling you do things like that, too..
You dropped off the 16 yo, and picked up someone? How was the ride back with the person?
You might think me crazy, but I enjoy driving the roads out there.. Our roads are very congested..
Need to clean..Actually, clean isn't what needs to be done.. I have to put things where they belong, and throw out what isn't needed.. I'm having issues in that department.. I have the habit of running away on Sat's... coming home to take a nap, and then think about cleaning.. By then, I'm too tired, and I get on the computer..
If I don't comment again, have a merry Christmas..
Barri, and Socks

Patricia said...

I am blessed to have such a great guy! :o)

The ride back with the person was, um, "trying". I take her back to KC this coming Sunday.

Cleaning -- something major I will have to do next Monday!