Friday, October 10, 2008


Many days, there are various animals that fall into one of our four window wells. Several years ago, I heard something that sounded really weird. When husband investigated, it was one of our large lambs. He had fun getting a scared lamb up and over his head! 16 y.o. frequently gets frogs and turtles out. Several barn kittens keep falling in one of the window wells, so husband put a wooden fence post so they can climb out on their own.

Imagine my _______ (fill in the block, surprise, shock, disgust) when the kids came roaring in the house this morning to tell me this was in a window well....

What's a farm wife to do when her husband is not around? She gets a rake, backs the children up behind her and after several attempts, flings the snake onto the lawn! Thankfully, the garter snake must have been cold because it wasn't moving very fast. whew! I actually don't mind snakes. Now, when those huge, disgusting spiders get in the house - ACK!

All I got done so far today is housework, hauling the grain head (the reel thingy that cuts the soybeans - which was on a trailer) out to a different field, and taking food out to the two harvesters. I put a small roast, potatoes, some of last year's stewed tomatoes, corn from this year, etc into the pressure cooker and 25 minutes later, voila! I also whipped up some drop biscuits and chocolate jello. (Thanks, Marcia for the crock pot idea - it gave me the idea for the pressure cooker which I use quite a lot.)

Now, I hope to get some writing done for the next hour. The SCBWI IA Novel Retreat is one week from today.. whooohooooo!

"My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from him." Psalm 62:1

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