Monday, October 27, 2008

Iowa, Illinois, Missouri

We had a fun time on Saturday roaming around Iowa (10 miles away), Illinois (40 miles away) and Missouri. First we went to Cantril, IA. They have a Mennonite store called the Dutchman's Store. It is like an old fashioned general store. You can buy Muck boots, quilting material, food and spices in bulk, etc.

Next, we drove to a town called Bentonsport, IA. It is on the Des Moines River. There is an iron bridge from the 1800's that still spans the river. (pedestrians can walk on it, but no heavier traffic). There is also the foundation and arch from the old mill. Here are the pics:

We ate lunch in Iowa and had ice cream across the Mississippi River in Hamilton, Illinois. We saw the lock and dam at Keokuk, IA.
I didn't get any photos of the foliage, perhaps today. Sister and brother-in-law are going to help on the combine today while husband harvests soybeans. They are leaving by 5am tomorrow morning to get back to Colorado at a decent time.


barri1 said...

I've been to Bentonsport, but it was way too cold to get out of the car.. I went up there with a friend looking for outhouses.. I was considering going snipe hunting, but was advised by a very kind friend that snipe hunting might not be something somebody with my lack of experience would appreciate..
The store in Cantril is awesome. Left a bunch of money there.. Think my friend left a bunch more than I did..
I don't know if you are aware that Hamilton is known for the geodes that have been growing for years.. Keokuk is famous for them.. I was supposed to take a day trip to check it out in June, but the rain caused a bunch of flooding, and there was no access..
Need to get off before my non human 3yo has all his toys out, or buried under the furniture..
Barri1, and Socrates

Patricia said...

That snipe hunting is tricky stuff! Glad you had good advice not to go.

My dad had a large geode that he found in New Hampshire. Not sure what happened to it. I love the colored ones.

Thanks for commenting!